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Released for city rivals Atletico Madrid after 2014 / 15 season Home Jersey, aspirations champions Real Madrid also recently flashed their new season master / away shirt! From the point of view of a pre released official photos, the style of the new season, Real Madrid Home Jersey remains minimalist style, basic and cash difference is not big, the left and the right sides of the adidas logo and Real Madrid team logo separated chest collar has an opening in the design, the overall look is more retro. And the away kit let many fans stunned, full coverage of the pink rose red, white lettering and logo dotted contrast, visual extremely Sao gas. It is reported that these two shirts will be officially landed in Adidas designated retail stores in June 3rd, Real Madrid fans are looking forward to!Since the Nike began to enter into the football field, they pitch injected with more jordan 3 katrina 2018 vigor and color, and soccer equipment especially shoes development from before a single black and white world evolved into today's colorful. Recently, Nike will be releasing a series using the new color to create a football shoe money work, which includes Neymar, Wayne Rooney this agile type attack to the orange Hypervenom and Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Franck Ribery such speed type player customization of laser yellow mercurial Superfly and shoes. Nike hopes that the equipment will also show more energy for the players to bring the best performance. in Jordan future continuous two hot in the shoe market, Jordan brand will be next to the leisure market injected a tonic, Jordan horizon. Still use woven material shoes, the difference is the big end to the classic Jordan Air 13 giant panda. Do not know whether the new photos will still be able to get consumers to recognize it? Th Retro jordans for sale e shoes will be officially on sale in January 6th, the number of 823581-010. source: NikeRun by John Geiger customized shoes studio JBF, days prior to the classic Nike Air Force 1 based on the view, especially to create a named "Supreme Fuck" customized shoes. The shoes in the spring and summer of 2013 is based mainly on the Supreme Series in a denim jacket for inspiration, and in cylinder Air Force 1 shoe body contour, using a labelled "Fuck" printing cloth covered with tannin uppers, JBF mark Swoosh sign of the snakeskin pattern, and the collar of the shoe design. A little embellishment, finally with a thick white Air Force sole show. Interested friends may wish to visit the JBF official website for more information. 0.jpg (211.65 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-8-7 upload at 11:43 1.jpg (263.22 KB, download times: 0) download att cheap air jordans achment save to album 2014-8-7 upload at 11:43 0.jpg (377.14 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-7 19:32 upload yesterday for everyone to bring the item to 750 boost BB1841 yeezy eat the soil "color preview, today there is a item for BB1840 yeezy of 750 boost grey color photos released. Sources account for the @yeezytalkworldwide. This account specifically released about yeezy's latest information. Due to yesterday's BB1841 many of my friends do not believe is true, overwhelmed by the account also put up with orders screenshot, you can see BB1840 grey color on April 12 orders, but are of Chinese origin, although true remains to be proven, but since people dare map, you should clout isn't afraid to ask questions! What do you think? the account also announced that Yeezy 750 Boost Gray will arrive in May 14th, for a friend who likes air jordan 11 space jam for sale Yeezy, or worth looking forward to. this BB1840 is still solid colored dress, shoe body the grey suede material, still equipped with yellowing old outsole, whole maintained before the customary style, high street feels dye in the wood. coincided with Andre & middot; Agassi Grand Slam of the 20th anniversary of the brand also seems to be the year classical Air Tech Challenge Series everywhere means; a few months ago engraved Air Tech challenge 4, overwhelmed and decided to back to Air Tech challenge 3, and before then quite Gas Air Tech Challenge 2, the series can be regarded as good health lively; the return air tech challenge 3 "volt", almost pure white shoe hit, coupled with the same refreshing blue outsole combined only in the heel and tongue logo to "volt" flash yellow color rendering, shoes have been included in the overkill, part of the shop advance sale. get reloa jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: OverkillAsics Gel Lyte 3 new color design preview 2014-02-24 21:05:31 jogging shoes and now it has become one of the many shoe many friends go out first single product, and the rapid popularity soaring again before the sports brand Asics's signature model Gel Lyte 3 based on the view, the introduction of new color. The designer uses suede, leather and mesh fabric to make up the shoe body. The main tone is composed of gray, black and white color, and then modified with grass green. At present, this color matching has been sold in the de Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale signated shops abroad, and it will not be known whether it will land on the domestic shelves. Two exposures of Nike LeBron 13 in kind! 2015-07-20 12:50:40 a few days ago, James in a public event in the new shoes on the foot, caused no small sensation, because according to speculate that this may be James's new signature boots LeBron 13. The current network flow from the photos of the shoes, and James in the activity on the foot of the shoes are almost the same, we can also see from the shadow of LeBron 12, to know the upgrading of shoes will retain some modern elements, it may be too sensitive to our vision. It is reported that the shoes are based on a large number of science and technology, innovative Hyperposite material to create shoes. There are news that LeBron 13 will be listed in October this year, priced at around $200, with the sale of LeBron 13, jordans on sale online and then will set off a wave. Like friends, remember to keep paying attention, and then report.again cold, also want to insist, even if the "pain in the morning run"? answer: to refute the reason: running must be in the morning? Some people for health, the use of amazing perseverance even if the "pain" to get up early to run, but in fact, really do not need to be so hard on their own. Research shows that early morning exercise will increase the pressure on the heart and brain blood vessels, and if in the evening to do exercise, not only will not affect the night's sleep, slimming effect will be greatly enhanced. especially middle-aged and old friends, in the exercise may induce myocardial infarction, so the elderly exercise should be particularly careful. Especially now the cooler weather, temperature difference between day and night is larger, the elderly is best, the s jordans on sale mens un came out again after go out exercise and exercise capability. Suffering from cardiovascular disease in the elderly around the preparation of drugs, it is best to take a walk, exercise, accompanied by children. , a short sleeved shorts show the spirit of sports? answer: dismissed the reason: we see the athletes always winter calendar summer wearing short sleeved shorts movement, dynamic. A lot of people in the daily sports also follow this path, in the winter, also with "bunt" out, "frozen body, temper will", and this "sense of movement" is not to be encouraged. Experts said that winter sports should first pay attention not to the temperature is too low. If the outdoor sports must wear enough clothes, because the winter heat fast, long trousers is must, to some of the body is weak, it is necessary to wear a hat. If the temperature is too low, it is easy to cause damage buy cheap jordans online to muscles and joints. warm up exercise is essential to Answer: V support reason: part of a movement to his campaign marked the strict time, such as white-collar Mr. Liu because of "too busy" is a day to run half an hour is limited, in order to "don't waste time" into fitness room quickly up and running, this approach is wrong, do not heat body movement is very easy to cause acute injury. The correct approach should be to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes, which is self protective measures, can reduce the risk of injury. And warm up, it will be easy to cause acute or chronic injury, but also because of the hard joints in the winter, prone to joint wear. In addition, one point is often overlooked is that in the formal exercise before the end, must do 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation exercises, this is conducive to the recovery of the body muscles and joints. while running side HIGH cheap foamposites song answer: reason to refute: listening to songs running and spirits high will inevitably be singing a song, people think ran "karaoke" more easily consume calories, actually otherwise. This practice is not only a waste of energy, reduce the time and intensity of exercise, and in the air in the winter cold, if it is in the outdoor sports, singing and inhalation of cold air, easy to cause the cold, cold and other conditions, not worth the candle. not the pursuit of "higher, faster and stronger", the movement will do 〉Yadi woman, is a beautiful, cultural knowledge, workplace level, or is a socialite. What they seek is more of a quality of life. they always show in a very decent way, and the fashionable and elegant shoes are the essence of their content. They make them elegant and emit their inner breath. has the temperament of women, always know when to enjoy the life of beautiful, when precipitation mood, the true value of life is more deeply appreciate, this is a kind of others can not match ahead of style, is a kind of temperament from the inside of the precipitation in the quality of life in. Yadi is a kind of attitude to life Yadi, is a symbol of culture is a kind of noble life philosophy. Italy Yadi advocate fashion, luxury and noble taste of life, mainly conveys cultural ideas Yadi "advocating quality of life", so that women are elegant and charming temperament exudes whenever and wherever possible. "love yourself" is our attitude of life of the original, it makes us female charm exudes brilliance, it makes us actively looking for a better view of things, and it will become our Yadi product, also let everyone have the same feel good to hear or see. If the noble is a collective phenomenon, this phenomenon is perhaps Yadi in front of everyone's magic mirror. Noble or fashion or the key is good for the original, show the positive attitude of the self, the real elegant woman ! style positioning simple fashion, classic and elegant "style positioning Yadi, Yadi committed to allow consumers to show their elegance and temperament. Classics: from our product design style. Elegance: from us we refine and sublimate the feminine temperament. for the target consumer group of 30-40 years old, their character is more inclined to sedate and elegant. Unlike young people, they now prefer classics to gaudy, and they seek quality and meaning; they pay more attention to whether products can regulate their own temperament. In general they already have a family, unlike a teenager, due to the face of children, they choose not too fancy, avant-garde, offbeat things, at the same time, because of the need to reflect the mature and stable, no matter in life, clothes or shoes, they tend to choose some more appropriate good natural and simple things. trademark interpretation oval wave shape: oval shape, wave edge is modeled on typical European aristocratic design patterns, so far we can still find the design in the crown of the monarchy. At the same time, around the noble pattern, highlight its noble, shows the noble temperament Yadi brand. gem effect: first of all, the visual sense 〉 at the beginning of the year we have reported the suspected AI series of new shoes, the Question logo on the tongue so familiar. From the recently released media from the point of view, there will be 6 Answer 14 and we met in the NBA Summer League in the 76 team of Nerlens Noel has been wearing the shoes to play the game, then I believe the listing should be far away from his.