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If you didn t already know this year "is the aniversary of the moon landing so Nike is releasing a few sneakers with a lunar theme... Blazer mid with a black 〈br nike="" blazer="" mid="" -="" 318642-002="" black="" etallic="" silver-volt-wht 1.jpg (73.05 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-6-24 17:19 upload 2.jpg (137.74 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-6-24 17:19 upload 3.jpg (113.92 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-6-24 17:19 upload 4.jpg (102.61 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-6-24 17:19 upload 5.jpg (121.03 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-6-24 17:19 upload 6.jpg (87.77 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-6-24 17:19 upload 7.jpg (106.1 KB, download time.visvim-2010-spring-summer-gabo-lo-kudu.jpg (31.37 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-6-8 18:56 upload& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Puma football series has been too long away from the Chinese market, so Puma soccer shoes diehard reluctantly but do nothing. This time with their revolutionary new Puma soccer shoes evoPOWER return to the Chin jordans on sale online ese market, can be described as absolutely exciting, more so that this pair of boots shoes fans looking forward to. Here we will take you to feel under a lot of this use of new technology power line soccer boots --PUMA evoPOWER 1. We have reviewed this evoPOWER series of top boots are boots --PUMA evoPOWER 1. First, from the looks of it, this can be said of the boots is absolutely dazzling, orange-red with bright primary colors of fluorescent yellow and ink blue Puma LOGO, in today's big fight color soccer shoe industry can be described as superior make. Netizens have been discussing width shoes look before, had been rumored online evoPOWER wide, but the physical point of view and experiences on foot, evoPOWER can only be said to be slightly wider, which is actually common for foot wide Chinese consumers It is good news. And another hot discussion more pointed toe, China is indeed a real problem for consumers exist. From the point of view of shoes weight, as a power system boots evoPOWER 1 can be so light indeed staggering, which is consistent with the trend of today's soccer shoe lightweight. Shoes can be so light, but also due to no major midsole design. The low power system boots no how to ensure its strength properties, which must mention the core technology GSF evoPOWER 1 (the full name GRADUAL STABILITY FRAME, progressive structural stabil cheap foamposites ity), to ensure that the shoes will not lose weight at the same time in power. In addition the use of the French Pebax outsole and lightweight nylon microfiber fabric shoes ADAPLITE face lightweight shoes also of great help. evoPOWER FG outsole 1, technology uses a mix nail, before the end of use of the shoes we called four nails (also known as cone nails), strengthen the flexibility of the shoe. We feel significantly stronger than the whole steering knife nail shoes in the process of actual, rather shoes in the front and rear end of the knife nail and ensures the grip and stability shoes. The new sole design mix nail in the basic guarantee to start at the same time for the steering of a substantial improvement. evoPOWER upper 1 with a new ADAPLITE microfiber fabric, its most notable feature is the excellent flexibility and softness, which gives us in the process of wearing the most obvious feeling is a strong sense of the parcel. Uppers are embedded in three-dimensional position of the main ball ACCUFOAM high density memory foam, which is evoPOWER 1 make a core technology. This high density memory foam technology similar to our daily said memory foam, when the external pressure being relatively minor, memory foam will be compressed as the pressure direction slowly, play the effect of absorbing impact, reducing vibration. When the memory foam unde jordans on sale mens r heavy and fast external pressure, strain it produces actually quite small, the impression is of a hard object in pressure. This technique is applied to the football shoes, we is not hard to imagine. In the process of stopping, if the technology used is reasonable to have a more significant help stopping. And the strong pass or shot in the process, the upper instant hard, through the power of shoes entirely passed to football. In addition, the distribution of memory foam also increases the friction on the ball. evoPOWER 1 Another big selling point is to have kicker have "play barefoot feeling" in the "barefoot" at the same time without loss of power and precision. And to have such a feeling that before we introduce several core technologies together results. GSF sole technology provide sufficient incremental reverse bending, ADAPLITE microfiber fabric uppers ensure good ductility, Pebax outsole lightweight nylon material to make reverse bending easier. This integrated operation of several technologies to the evoPOWER 1 "play barefoot feel" the shape becomes shot soccer shoes provide enough power. Because it is winter, we can only choose artificial grass in Beijing to carry out tests at the same time affected by low temperatures, so we feel in the actual evaluation process because the shoes deformation brought power is not very obvious, but compared cheap air jordans to other Power line of shoes still some advantages. Overall evoPOWER 1 Puma technical team worthy of careful research and development for four years, from every point of view, are indeed superior. evoPOWER series was fully in the Chinese market in February, the long-silent diehard Puma soccer shoes can finally move. The Puma seemed inadvertently to evoPOWER series to take a Chinese name, we may wish to help Puma, what do you think is good Chinese name (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner:?. Shoes famous global network fashion network)1991 was invented in the air huarache running shoes is one of Nike in the history of the most popular design, after 20 years of development, brand officially released new upgrade air huarache ultra running shoes! Continuation of air huarache retro styling contour, designers to look to make a simplification, and select the large area of mesh material making uppers, supplemented by advanced Flywire technology enhanced the stability of the shoe body, not only looks more simple, wear on the foot has become more comfortable. As for the Huarache Air signature style followed by the stent can be retained, with eye-catching NIKE words to highlight the street temperament. It is reported that the new Huarache Ultra Air will be in December 26th in the Sportswear Nike designa Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ted stores and online store shelves, please look forward to! source: HYPEBEASTAbout to bid farewell to the cold winter, in the new year by what Spring is in the air. with your travel? If there is no better choice, may wish to look at Nike Sportswear is the answer for you. Created by designer Dylan Raasch to Roshe Run is undoubtedly the best answer, all-match, comfortable, rich colors, cheap and so on become it swept the world of reason, as if this new innovation Flyknit to be re vamp woven global high streets and back lanes. release date: February 7th nike-flyknit-roshe-run-releases-february-2015.jpg (189.35 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Flyknit Roshe Run new color 2015-2-3 10:46 upload 704927-006-6.jpg (80.59 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Flyknit Roshe Run new color 2015-2-3 upload 10:47 704927-006-5.jpg (75.5 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Flyknit Roshe Run new color 2015-2-3 upload 10:47 704927-006-1.jpg (83.91 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Flyknit Roshe Run new color 2015-2-3 upload 10:47 704927-006-3.jpg (81.97 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Flyknit Roshe Run new color 2015-2-3 10:47 upload 704927-006-2.jpg (50.85 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Flyknit Roshe Run new color 2015-2-3 upload 10:47The cigars and champagne for celebrating the theme Michael Jordan led the B jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ulls 1992-93 scored three consecutive Championship series will usher in a new member of the Jordan Brand will launch a new design back to its Air Jordan 8 for the design blueprint, is expected to be officially released in June this year, is expected to sell for $$250, let us wait and see. air-jordan-8-championship-pack.jpg (95.72 KB, download number: 3) download Air Jordan 8 series Championship 2016-3-26 09:24 upload bulls, Michael, Jordan, theme, ring 00The idea of the PUMA training series is that training is not an ultimate goal, but rather a stronger, more positive self in training in different environments. The PUMA IGNITE's latest training series, IGNITE XT, is a high intensity training shoe designed to provide maximum energy feedback and flexibility to the trainer. The world's first flying Boulter, Arsenal Football Club, the Cuban national boxing team and the elite, relying on power and skills to continuously improve and enhance their competitive performance, IGNITE XT and PUMA showed their shoes full of vitality and enthusiasm, good side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! shops | know these shoes shop term air jordan 11 space jam for sale you wouldn't be cheated + shoe sale secret right! shopping, | NB996 who is the most popular host of Hunan satellite TV?! Anatomy of Hunan TV gene! black slang. What can't be used indiscriminately?! Chinese students were used to guns! - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Asics X At field MVP . Durant won the regular season MVP, sports brand Nike to celebrate this thing, specially its KD VI " MVP" ultra limited way to add to the NIKEiD option, let more Durant fans can share in the joy of. Like friends, may wish to continue to pay attention. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- 25 /adidas Originals ZX FLUX masterpiece anniversary release real map / Nike Kobe 8 final chapter magic star / Nike Penny "shooting star" set project / global gym name magnifier special anatomy / dark night assault, luminous shoes that can't stop at all, /Nike SB Dunk High Premium new color new color design "Hacky Sack" HD tushang / Lining Wade Road 2. comments on a new /Nike SB Dunk High Premium new color color design of "Hacky Sack" a HD tushang / Lining Wade Road 2.[Chinese shoes network] in the "Forbes" Chinese version released "2009 China Charity List" list, the Olympic chairman Xu Jing Nan as a representative of a private entrepreneur in the list, the main parameters of the list were companies buy cheap jordans online The reason is the election in 2008, earthquake, snowstorm, education and philanthropy poverty reduction. According to statistics, only 80 billion yuan in donations earthquake in over 60% of private enterprises. Olympic sports in 2008 to 21 million yuan in the body in the charity list. 2007, Nike's market share was 9.9%, the Olympic was 10.2%, in 2008, Nike's share of about 12%, Pick had rates over 17% at present, it is more than Nike to become Olympic Chinese basketball market share ranking of companies. Jingnan chairman, said: "The company's goal is to make China's first brand of basketball equipment." Three rounds of financing in the context of the financial crisis, venture tighten wallet, but unfortunately the gold, such as life, however, the recent Olympic foreign companies officially announced that the company has received nearly $ 60 million third round of investment from Sequoia China, Legend Capital, CCB International and three private equity investment institutions. Prior to this, Sequoia Capital China and advantages in 2007 on the first round of Olympic investment company, Olympic company has introduced in early 2008, CCB International, Shenzhen Capital and other private investment funds in the second round. In the case of 2009, the negative impact of the global economic crisis is still evident, the financial turmoil has resulted in Retro jordans for sale a reduced willingness to finance capital investments, Pick contrarian has once again confirmed that the capital market financing for the Olympic brand of international strategy, differentiation marketing concept confidence and identity. round of financing investor Sequoia Capital China Founding Managing Partner Neil Shen said the Olympic adverse economic investment companies, attracted by the company in addition to excellent profitability, rapid growth and other aspects of the outside, The value is the Olympic years insist specialization strategy, and expected future development. Shen Peng also said that China's biggest investment story from the 1.3 billion people of consumer demand-driven growth industries, Pick's growth process are also illustrates this "consumer upgrade" of Chinese power. CCBI relevant responsible person said: "In the current economic climate, Peak still achieved sales doubled; layoffs prevalent in the occasion of the introduction of large domestic and international Olympic talent, and vigorously promote information technology and international brand marketing, all from the Olympic build professional differences on the basis of an international strategy, but also confirms the Peak This positioning is successful. We will continue to help achieve long-term good of the Olympic development. " President and Managing Director, Lege jordan 3 katrina 2018 nd Capital Zhu Linan opinion, the three investors just can achieve together complementary resources, providing a complete set of development programs. The industry believes that both the open international vision, insight or ideas localization, all will form a robust and powerful Olympic boost. strong cooperation to enter the NBA as the first Chinese sports brand, Pick outside the official cooperation with the NBA, teams, players, and also the International Olympic FIBA (FIBA) official partner, 2009 Olympic use of event marketing to widen the gap with the industry brand, and has the monopoly of the most famous basketball tournament two resources. And deeply involved in the capital, will undoubtedly become more Pick internationalization process, it is also likely to change the current stalemate in the industry competition. General Manager Zhi-Hua Xu Peak company stressed: "At present, the main gathering at Olympic brand international, will move toward the next Olympic comprehensive international market, human resources, capital, design, sales forward, this strategy is the brand the basis for development, is not going to change. "In the most high-end use of international basketball tournament seek a new pattern of strategic resources, and domestic brands in one fell swoop to seize the sport opened the market structure at the same time, the company will also be in the Olympic product areas, adhere to the" product series "and both Yaodazaochu professional products, but also to create the outer edge of a number of related products, to support sustainable development of enterprises. In preemption specialization, the commanding heights of the brand at the same time, companies in the field of Olympic channel gradually complete major national markets in Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania and other network rollout, and to promote the use of the company's sales channels Differentiation international routes. In China, the Olympic has more than 5100 stores in major cities to second and third tier cities as the main market and gradually extended to the primary market. plans to market "Our turnover in 2008 was 15 million, 2009 is expected to be 20 million in the past two years, we are 70% -80% The rate of growth in the future will become increasingly fierce market competition, the limited capacity of the market will become saturated. "Xu Zhihua said. "Since last year, we gradually strengthen the construction of outlets, such as Anta, Xtep also from last year are doing similar things. with respect to funding traditional distribution channels, Direct Construction The pressure is relatively large, so the need for external financing, "Zhi-Hua Xu said," is a plan has been listed on the " For future development, Zhi-Hua Xu said:." We will continue to strengthen the part of basketball shoes our biggest competitors are domestic brands, such as Anta, Xtep, 361 & deg; et al., but after 15 or 20 years, we are bound to face such a big international brands Nike, so we have to specialization, international overtaken Strong so thoroughly, on this basis, to tennis, badminton, table tennis market penetration, when we can have a place in these markets, our strong brand. " 2012-4-17 09:32 upload and download the attachment (108.87 KB) before we know Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red" color this year will be engraved on the GS version of Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red" will also release in August this year, this shoe body with leather and mesh material for white the main material, collocation and red lace hole lining and rubber outsole, since there is a red and white color of course indispensable black decoration will be used appropriately, they were in the stable and collocation of a shoe body above the bottom, and the Jumpman logo are particularly eye-catching red. The only difference between this paragraph and the adult edition is the use of color plates in the front, midsole, and outsole of the shoes.Reebok Question white red color confirmed in the United States in May 25th and January next year the domestic sale of customer service, the other color engraved rumors have sprung up, following the creative director of Reebok Swizz Beatz in Twitter exposed a uncertain Engraved White / blue with pearl sale of color, the day before Swizz Beatz exposure a black and white color Reebok Question pictures on his Instagram, and in the notes said white black color will be available later in the year engraved, the specific release date please pay attention to our future reports.Fashion brand Maison Margiela season in Belgium brought this pair of new "Multicolor Tie-Dye"'s signature shoes Replica Sneaker color. Classic low cylinder body with high-grade leather shoes with rubber soles, together through the tie dye technique presents the psychedelic and colorful patterns, lace and leather lining with beige as a contrast. It is worth mentioning that each side of the shoe also has a unique pattern. The shoes are on sale, priced at $600.Air Jordan 7 GS, which has attracted much attention from female students, is released today by the government again. The overall style of the shoes is mainly white, the black lines are outlined, and the details are selected with lava red decoration, which creates a very lively atmosphere for us, and it is also very suitable for the lovely temperament of the girl friend. It is reported that the shoes will be completely in July 11th on sale, priced at $140, the number of 442960-106, interested friends will never miss it.